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Trigger Locks Pistol Rifle Shotgun Gun Lock

Trigger Locks Pistol Rifle Shotgun Gun Lock

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Trigger Locks Pistol Rifle Shotgun Gun Lock

Trigger Lock with Keys

When we keep firearms at home, there are precautions that we must take. A safe is important to store the gun, but a trigger lock will secure the weapon so it will not get fired accidentally while it is being moved.

When choosing from a selection of locks on the market, you should choose trigger lock that has a simple design and a well finished construction, ensuring it can be used easily and without complications. After all, why mess around when it comes to a gun trigger?

In addition to these 2 advantages, our great value price is a bonus you cannot ignore!


* Simple, effective design
* Keep guns locked and more secure
* Rubber seals and metal construction
* 2 Keys supplied
* Supports up to 20mm wide application

Package Contents

* x Trigger Lock

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