Set of 12 Vacuum Storage Bags 50 x 70cm

  • $35.00

Set of 12 Small Vacuum Storage Bag 50 x 70cm

This vacuum storage bag is made of high quality multi-layer composite material. Each storage bag has a seal zip slider to create an airtight and waterproof seal. It provides great protection for your items against insects, dirt, odors and mildew. Featuring with the new turbo valve, the vacuuming speed is 35% faster than other vacuum storage bags. This ultimate space-saving storage bag is excellent for storing clothing, blankets, and cushions and will be your best solution for storage.


* High quality multi-layer composite material

* Reusable, durable and odor-free

* Protection against insects, dirt and mildew

* Seal zip slider to create airtight and waterproof seals

* Air vacuuming speed increased by 35% with new turbo valve

* Increase storage space instantly

* Perfect for storing clothing, blankets and cushions

* Work with all vacuum cleaners

* Remains in compacted state for up to 6 months

* 6 pieces per pack

* High quality material: PE+PA

* Thickness: 0.08mm

* Small Capacity: 15-25 spring and summer clothing

Package Contents

* 12 x Small Vacuum Storage Bags