Set of 10 Solar Powered Snake Repeller

  • $145.00

Solar Powered Snake Repeller

Taipan, Big Brown, Copperhead, Tiger, Red Bellied Black are some of the famous Aussie snakes that can be found in the backyard of Australia. These snakes are becoming your common neighbour as they adapt to local suburbia as the climate and landscape changes. Be it your backyard or the farm, the snake repeller can keep them away, making your property safe for yourself and your family.

The Solar Powered Snake Repeller transmits irritating sound to keep the snakes away as they weave through the ground. Emitting at around 400-1000 Hz, this vibrating pulse will be sure to irritate and repel the unwanted guests. This also features a smart pattern self-shifting function where the sonic pulse and vibration pattern changes every 6 days, providing more comprehensive protection. It is also fitted with a replaceable and rechargeable long life Ni-MH battery, ensuring the capacity will never decrease.


* Emitting sonic pulse & vibration
* Solar powered w/ rechargeable Ni-MH battery
* Weatherrpoof & UV resistant
* LED lights for lighting at night
* Suitable for garden, yard, farm and orchard


* Effective Range: 25m in diameter per repeller
* Power supply: Solar energy cell 4V/ 45mA
* Rechargeable battery: 1.2V/ 800mAH "AA" Ni-MH
* Solar panel: Monocrystalline silicon
* Frequency: 400Hz to 1000Hz
* Panel size: 9cm x 7cm

Package Contents

* 10 x Snake Repeller