Portable Ice Cube Maker Machine Black 3.2L

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Ice cube Maker Black 3.2L

Get this amazing looking yet useful machine that produces approximately 20kg of ice in 24 hours! It's amazing how fast yet quiet this machine works. With 14 evaporator spikes, you'll get 14 bullet shaped cubes in every 10 minutes, gives you the coolest looking ice cubes ever. Portable design, you can bring it to wherever that needs it!


* Compact and portable design

* 3.2L water tank (1.8L optimum working volume)

* 1.5kg ice container

* One-button operation

* LED control panel

* Produces 14pcs of ice in every 10 minutes

* 14 Stainless steel evaporator spikes

* Up to 20kg of ice per 24 hours

* Bullet shaped ice

* 3 sizes option

* Window display for monitoring making process

* Ice full and low water level indication

* Convenient water drainage plug

* Large heat dissipation fan

* High efficiency and energy saving

* SAA, GS, CE cert

* Fast but quiet operation

* Suitable for home and commercial use


* Power Voltage: AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

* Power Rating: 150W

* Water Tank Capacity: 3.2L

* Ice Making Capacity: 18-20kg/ 24hr

* Ice Bin Capacity: 1.5kg

* Colour: Black

Package Contents

1 x Ice Maker

1 x Ice Scoop

1 x User Manual

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