Outdoor Gas Water Heater - White

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Easy to install, just by connecting the water in, water out and gas. Done. It heats up to 480L of water per hour which is enough for you to have a shower, wash the dishes and even clean your dog if needed. Temperature of the water is adjustable with the current water temperature shown on the LED display. Safe for your family and pet, the processor stops the water temperature from going above 50 degree, preventing from getting scalds. Comes with a variable flow shower head, simply flick the switch on and the hot water starts flowing. A pure awesome sensation.
It's also an energy efficient and environmentally friendly option for water heating. Virtually has no emission and save on your energy bills. Just connect to your LPG bottle that consumes only 28mj/h, it should last for about 13 hours (Unless you're a bathroom singer). Weighs only about 6kg - about two large bottles of milk. It has a convenient carry handle and mounting brackets that let you set it up easily anywhere.
Note: Only for outdoor use.

* Lightweight and portable
* LED digital display
* Fully adjustable temperature with maximum 50°C
* Produces a constant water flow of up to 8L/min
* Winter and summer setting
* Water flow adjustment
* Dry burning protection
* Flame out protection
* Incline resistant protection
* Cost effective and environmentally friendly
* Includes variable flow shower head
* Mounting brackets
* Convenient carry handle
* Uses 2 x D Cell Batteries (Not included)
* Complies to Australian standards
* Gas Safety Certified

* Total nominal gas consumption: 28MJ/h
* Gas pressure: 2.8kPA
* Min. water pressure: 0.25MPa
* Max. water pressure: 1.0MPa
* Max. water temperature: 50°C
* Suitable gas: LPG
* Flow rate: 480l/h
* Battery: 2 x D Cell (Not included)
* Colour: White

Package Content
1 x Devanti Gas Water Heater
1 x Shower Head
1 x Chrome Shower Hose - 151cm
1 x Gas Hose - 134cm
1 x Gas Regulator
1 x Water Connector
1 x Gas Connector
1 set x Mounting Accessories
1 x Instruction Manual

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