Rigo Kids Pedal Go Kart Car Ride On Toys Racing Bike Rubber Tyre Adjustable Seat

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Kids Pedal Go Kart - Blue

Get your kids out for some outdoor activities instead of staying home with iPad or video games! It's a whole new level of playing outdoor. Built with strong frame and directional steering wheel, you can let them pedal around with peace of mind. Plus, they can control the speed by themselves so it's even safer to play with.

Made with your children safety in mind - the bike chain is fully covered to avoid contact with, shock absorption tyres and highly reactive braking system. Easy switchable mode - Pedal and manual; it's simply easy to control any time. Suitable for 3 years old and above, it can hold up to 60kg weight capacity. Get them now for your whole family fun!


* Reliable, strong built frame

* Directional Steering wheel

* Built for safety with rollover prevention

* Can switch from pedal mode to push mode

* Responsive break system

* Treaded tyres for reduced vibration


* Colour: Blue

* Tyre type: Rubber pneumatic

* Tyre diameter: 25cm

* Capacity: 60kg

* Child age: Above 3 years old

Package Content

1 x Pedal Go Kart

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