Freestanding Air Purifier Tower 90SQM

  • $149.00

Nowadays, air purifier is as important as eating healthy and drinking clean water for a healthier lifestyle due to the polluted air and dusty environment. Living in an enclosed space (compact apartment), pregnant or having a baby, over the age of 60, suffer from allergies or asthma, have pets, or simply want a cleaner air in the space you're living, it is just easy to get an affordable yet effective air purifier.

Featuring a freestanding design, it doesn't take much of your living space at all. Ranging up to 90sqm, equivalent to two standard rooms or a living room. You can always place it where you need it as well, with its adjustable ionization level. Always suit the space you have, adjust the level that you need.

Tested and certified, be assured of the quality that you're getting.


* Portable and freestanding design

* Handmade glassware

* High-pressure discharge of ions

* Eliminates odour, allergens, bacteria, gases and mould effectively

* Reduces number of airbone microbes

* Range up to 90sqm

* Adjustable ionization level

* Blue glow as a night light

* Power consumption less than 5W

* Included extra ionization tube

* Low maintenance

* Energy saving

* CE, RoHS safety certification


* Voltage rating: 12V DC/ Adapter input

* Power consumption: <5W

* Negative ion output: 4,000,000 ions/cm3

* Coverage area: 40 - 90sqm

* Working hours: 9,000 hours

Package Contents

1 x Air Purifier

1 x Ionization Tube

1 x Adapter

1 x Allen Key

1 x User Manual