Giantz 12V - 240V Portable Power Inverter

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12V - 240V Portable Power Inverter Compatible with any 12V battery, the Inverter uses reliable Japanese engineering capacitance and incorporates the latest IGBT inverter technology for a remarkable 80% high efficiency rate. It has a continuous output of 2000W and peaking at 4000W. It also has a convenient USB output and dual 240V sockets. Features: * Exclusive manual and wireless remote control modes * Clear LED display * Reinforced thermal dissipating construction * Reliable Japanese engineering capacitance * Copper magnetic core * Latest IGBT inverter technology * Convenient USB output * Dual 240V outputs * Soft start and low interference technologies * 80% remarkable high efficiency * Powers 220/240V devices from 12V sources * Continuous output of 2000W * Peak output of 4000W * Australian-standard power point * Low-battery alarm and safety shutdown * Short-circuit protection * Overload, over-voltage, overheat protection Specifications: * Continuous power: 2000W * Peak power: 4000W * Thd: 3% * Output voltage: 220 - 240V * Output wave: Modified * Socket type: Australian standard * Input voltage: 12V (DC 10V-15V) * Static current: 0.5-1A * USB current: 5V, 2.1A * Battery low alarm protection: 10VDC ±0.5V * Battery low shutdown protection: 9.5VDC ±0.5V * Overload protection: Shuts down output, re-power to reset * Output short protection: Auto shut-off * Over voltage protection: 15V ±1V * Over temperature protection: >65°C±1°C * Maximum efficiency approx.: 80% * 240V output socket: X2 * USB socket: X1 Package Content: 1 x Power Inverter 1 x Power Cable 1 x Wireless Remote

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