380W Sheep Shearing Grooming Clipper Kit

  • $129.00

380W Sheep Shearing Grooming Clipper Kit

Economical and efficient, this sheep grooming set will give you all the necessary power to get the job done. This clipper sits perfectly in your hands providing easy maneuverability. It features a convenient blade pressure adjustment knob so you are able to have the perfect cut every time. The set comes with extra accessories and a carry case for easy portability.

With advanced cooling system and stainless steel blade, it is made for heavy duty usage. Never worry about breaking down half way shearing.


* Professional GS,CE and ROHS approved clipper

* Intended exclusively for use on sheep and goats, as well as llamas, alpacas and other members of the camel family

* Powerful and super silent 380W motor

* Complete sheep clipper set, equipped with everything you need

* Rotate button adjusts blade pressure for different thicknesses

* Six stage speed adjustable

* Heavy-duty, exquisite & high precision stainless steel blade

* Advanced cooling device prevents overheating during operation

* Strengthened nylon body

* High speed

* Comes with accessories for routine maintenance

* Plug and cable approved by SAA

* Comes with blade protector

* Comes with portable case for easy transporting


* Rated voltage: AC230-240V

* Frequency: 50Hz

* Adjustable Speeds:1-6 Levels

* Power:380W

* Blade cutting speed: 0-2800RPM

* Net weight: 2.8KG (excluding cable)

* Cable Length: 583CM

* Power Button: on/off

* Max. ambient temperature: 0°C-40°C

* Max. air humidity: 10%-90% (relative)

* Product dimensions: 34 x 8.5 x 9cm

* Portable case dimension: 36 x 30cm

Package Contents

1 x Pet Clipper

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Lubricant Oil

1 x Screwdriver

2 x Carbon Brush

1 x Carrying Case

1 x User Manual

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